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RANCHI GPS WORLD is a foremost firm which has established an extensive client base in the field of GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices in multiple cities in India.

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Our GPS Vehicle Tracking Software has a modernized functionality & hi-tech features. It helps you in all kinds of tracking such as camera tacking, vehicle tracking, asset tracking, & every type of personal tracking. Our software manages the security in a better way and tracks your data with precision.

Our GPS tracking scheme combines with the installation of hi-tech tracking device fitted in vehicle and GPS Mobile App so that the consumers can track the vehicles anytime & anywhere. Our firm has designed GPS App as per their requirement of the consumer & most of the GPS devices are supported with our GPS App.

We provide IOT based tracking system which is a lot well-organized than an established vehicle tracking system. Thus, upgrade your vehicle efficiency by undertaking our GPS tracking Devices which are filled with multiple IOT features such temperature monitoring, fuel monitoring, Mic, and SOS.

Who We Are

Since our beginning, we have attempted our best to provide the customers a proper value of their money in the form of our GPS Tracking Products. Our vision is to offer our consumers with complete security by providing you inexpensive, innovative, & cost-efficient GPS Tracking Devices.

We have a gigantic array of GPS products which are varying from Vehicle Tracking System to the fleet management tracking systems & many other GPS tracking devices such as GPS tracker for kids and GPS bike Trackers.

Why Choose Us??

We offer top-notch quality of GPS devices which contains following features

  • Consumer can monitor path within 30 min
  • Provide inexpensive price
  • Easy installation
  • No hidden charges
  • Offer free & unlimited consumer support
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Get to Know More About Us

We have a wide blend of latest hardware & sophisticated GPS Mobile App and GPS tracking software which is proficient in offering correct location data.

Moreover, with our really ideal attitude to offer high-quality GPS devices, we have formed a unique benchmark for rest.tive, cost effective GPS tracking solution, high quality GPS device for vehicles, personal and business etc.


Acquire the hi-tech and most appropriate GPS tacking device from our wide array of products that helps to be safe and secure all time.


825.000 +


275.000 +


735.000 +


115.000 +


500.000 +

Hours Saved

15.000 +

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